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Introducing MemberPro®

Introducing MemberPro®

If you are a Professional Association or Organzation comprised of regulated professionals, certified trades, or competitors, our web based solutions, available under an ASP License option, will service your Members and reduce Administrative costs.


MemberPro® is available for the following solutions:

  • MemberPro® for Professionals
  • MemberPro® for Sports

MemberPro® for Professionals

Founded on the demands of the Legal Profession, MemberPro® for Professionals, services the enterprise Departmental needs of a regulated professional association. These needs range from the admission and examination needs of Students, Transfers and Reinstatements to reviewing Member complaints and enforcing disciplinary actions.

MemberPro® for Sports

MemberPro® for Sports, provides Your Association a cost effective and scalable Membership, Event Registration, Result and Ranking solution, capable of supporting the unique needs of mutiple Regions, as well as, the National needs. Continued

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